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Why a Reverse Networking Group is better for everyone...
Traditional Networking Group
Reverse Networking Group
• Charge expensive membership dues• No membership dues or leads fees
• Hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the same people• No meetings as a group; only meet contractors 1:1
• Members have to pay for breakfast and gas to drive to meetings• No wasted time or needless driving
• You aren't likely to get many referrals• Solid executed quotes will be provided to our team
• Members usually focus on selling you their services• None of our contractors will be solicited for other services
• Few members are in the construction industry• Everyone on our team is in the construction industry
• No networking groups run criminal background checks• All contractors undergo a criminal background check
• Most networking groups do not check licensing & insurance• Insurance and licensing is checked for all our team members
• Most networking groups do not check the work quality• Work quality is verified. Poor work quality and they are booted
• Members that are part of larger companies are likely over-priced• Our contractors physically do the work keeping costs down
• Some members strictly sales people, not owners• No middle men ever. Only sales people we have are estimators
• Miss too many meetings you get booted don't get refunded• We all prefer to work than waste time at meetings
• Referrals are limited to the people in your group• Our referrals come into the group from many sources
• Members often have overlapping services• Each contractor is a specialist with little to no overlap

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