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Our team only works with licenced/certified contractor specialists covering every trade.
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Electrical Inspection
Chimney Inspection
Licensed electrician inspects the entire electrical system to insure safety and proper functionality. The electric panel, all breakers, outlets, switches and fixtures are checked for deficiencies. Wiring. proper grounds and exterior lighting is also verified. Chimney Specialist will inspect the condition of the flue tiles, flashing, chimney cap and crown. Check for cracks, missing mortar amount of build-up and verify functionality of damper and integrity of the firebox.
Gas Inspection
Crawlspace Inspection
Licensed gas contractor inspects the gas lines, gas connections to appliances and hot water heater for safety. Any leaks, possible safety issues and all deficiencies are reported with the cost to repair and bring system to code. A Crawlspace Specialist will inspect all aspects of the crawlspace for mold, damaged insulation, issues with the piers, girders, joists, sub-floor, bandsill, ductwork, wires, pipes, vapor barrier and report on debris and evidence of pests.
HVAC & Duct Inspection
Home Inspection (by General Contractor)
Licensed Heating & Air contractor runs a comprehesive inspection on the components and system looking for contaminates, microbial growth, deficiencies with the system. Coolant levels are checked and verification there are no leaks. Duct work is checked. A licensed General Contractor will inspect all other areas of the house for deficiencies; windows, doors, appliances, walls/ceilings/floors, wood rot, deck, fence/gates and so on. A report will be provided with photos and cost to repair.
Irrigation Inspection
Roofing & Gutter Inspection
A professional irrigation installation specialist will inspect the system to be sure there are no leaks, all zones work properly, depth of pipes is correct and system meets code. All deficiencies and suggested enhancements will be quoted. 
A roofing specialist inspects the entire roof for cracked caulk, rust spots on flashing, buckled, blistering, missing or cracked shingles. Boots around vents are checked for dry rot or gaps. Sub-roof inspected from attic. Life expectancy of roof is determined.
Plumbing Inspection
 Structural Inspection
A licensed plumber will inspect the entire plumbing system including the hot water heater, connections to sewer/septic, water supply and connections to all fixtures. All deficiencies and code violations will be listed and the cost to repair. A licensed structural engineer will inspect the foundation and all supporting elements of a home. Any deficiencies or code violations will be reported with details on what needs to be done to correct the problem.
Septic Inspection
 Termite / Wood Destroying Pests Inspection
A licensed septic inspector will inspect the system for leaks above and below ground, evaluate sludge to determine when it needs to be pumped, confirm pump functionality, check drain field, float switches and valves, and control panel. A licenced pest control inspector will thoroughly inspect the interior, exterior, attic and crawlspace of the home to identify the presense and activity level of wood destroying insects. An official WDIR will be provided.
Well Inspection & Water Test
Tree Inspection
A licensed well inspector will inspect the flow output, water level before and during pumping, check amp load, grounding and voltage. Water is tested for coliform, nitrates and sulfides. Well is certified to meet sanitary standards and county code.  A tree expert will inspect all trees and provide a report based on the risk of the trees in proximity to the house, driveway and power lines. The inspection fee will be held as a credit toward any tree removal, trimming or landscaping service.
Asbestos & Formaldehyde
Easements and Encroachments
Air Quality & Mold Inspection
Lot Size and Boundaries
Lead Paint Test (interior and exterior)
Obtain Blueprints
Radon Test (Air & Water)
Obtain Plot Plan
Water Test (check for 22 contaminates)
 Permits and Zoning
Does the house currently have power?
If not, we will need to bring a generator to power up the house temporarily for the following inspections: Electrical, Heating & Air and Plumbing (water heater) and for testing the Well Pump
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