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Home sellers fix up homes so they can get the maximum sales price possible. If you are willing to make an offer on a distressed property that needs work, you can usually save a huge amount of money. Contracting Team is happy to help you locate, get a free quote on repairing the property and help you negotiate the final sales price. Some properties sell for as little as $10,000.

The following are the steps to follow in our "Fix To Buy" program:

You will first need to find a Realtor to help you with the search. We can recommend one to you or we can work with a Realtor you already know. A Realtor can do a wider search for properties that fits the variables you are looking for such as; square footage, number of bedrooms, location, school district and age of home.

Call Contracting Team to set up a time for our General Contractor to come out and inspect the property. We will be able to point out any major issues before you make a decision on purchasing the property. We will put together a detailed itemized renovation quote that will restore the home to a livable condition and customize to your liking.

DECIDE TO BUY (or not):
With our renovation quote, you will need to do a comparison of property values in the area and determine if the sales price plus the renovation cost would be a good deal. Your Realtor can help you get recent comparable property values. If you do wish to proceed you have several options.


If you are purchasing the property to be your primary residence, you might be eligible for a 203K Rehab loan option. This allows you to finance up to $35K and base the loan on the approved value even before the renovation begins. Contracting Team has a significant amount of experience doing 203K renovations and can help you get approved for this type of loan.

If you are interested in getting started, please fill out the form below or email don@contractingteam.com

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