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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contracting Team?
 Contracting Team Network is a reverse networking group for Home Improvement Specialists. Contracting Team, LLC works closely with an Architect and a General Contractor as well as many dozens of contractor specialists.
Why should homeowners use Contracting Team?
 Our organization gives homeowners significantly more options than any one company could ever offer. If you ask a carpet installation company if you need new carpets they will always say yes. With our team we can give you prices for deep carpet cleaning, hardwood resurfacing, installation of new hardwoods, laminate, carpet, tile, linoleum or staining concrete. If you hate your cabinets we're able to offer prices on custom cabinets, cabinet refacing, painting or inexpensive cabinet replacement.

The many options we can provide are the result of working with over a dozen companies that specialize in different trades. We provide many options to homeowners to better accommodate their needs and to stay within their budget.

How does Contracting Team screen its contractors?
We're signed up with beenverified.com and run all our background checks through that website. We also physically check the work done by contractors before they come on-board and check insurance, licensing, pricing and references.
Does Contracting Team sell leads or charge fees?
We do not charge leads fees, request money from referrals and we do not sell client data. All contractors working for us were selected by us and paid directly by us for the services they perform. No one pays to be part of this group and contractors do not pay us for the work we send them to do. We simply operate on a wholesale/retail pricing plan with all contractors.

If you are a contractor with a specialization, please do contact us about becoming part of our team.
Is Contracting Team hiring?
Yes. We are on the lookout for Estimators who can help us with client communication, marketing, professional estimating and possibly project management. We also are looking for contractors who have a specialization in the home improvement trade. Email don@contractingteam.com if you are interested in becoming part of our team.
Contracting Team, Inc. • PO Box 1942, Matthews, NC 28106
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