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7% - (HOT) - Project Lead with Estimate
All work obtained directly by Estimator and complete written Estimate given to client resulting in closed work. Additionally, any future business from the same client and referrals from that client will pay the same commission amount (providing Estimator is active* with us).

$10,000 referral = $700 commission

5% - (WARM) - Project Lead with Details
All work obtained directly by Estimator and project details obtained but no written Estimate provided to the client.

$10,000 referral = $500 commission

3% - (COLD) - Project Leads (or referrals under you)
Any referral that doesn't have complete details and no written Estimate. Also, all referrals that originate from the Estimator downline (one level).

$10,000 referral = $300 commission

* To be considered Active you need to have at least one referral per month that becomes a sold job.

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