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Contracting Team is a cooperative of dozens of contractor specialists all working together under our management. Designers are extremely important to us on many levels. The following pages will provide you with details on how our Designer Program works.

1. Conduct design consultations for our clients.
2. Be a point of contact for the clients during a home improvement project.
3. Stage, Re-Stage and Organize our client homes.
4. Shop with the clients and help them select fixtures, cabinets, furniture, materials & supplies.
5. Assist client in locating new vendors for custom materials for a project.
6. Work with us to locate new clients that the Designer would manage.
7. Help located more contractor specialists that can be added to our team.
8. Draft floor plans and other renderings for clients on larger projects.
9. Handle all change orders that come in after a project has started.
10. Physically do some of the work directly related to your specialization.

Designers are considered our partners and together we can all be successful!

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