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About Us

Nearly all criminals and sex offenders leaving prison go into home improvement. The top 4 are: Handyman, Plumber, Painter and Landscaper.

Home improvement is the desired trade for serial killers:
* John Wayne Gacy, Jr. - Building contractor
* Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer)- Painter
* Dennis Rader (BTK)- Maintenance Worker (for city)
* Cary Stayner (Yosemite Park Killer)- Handyman
* Alfred Gaynor - (Springfield Killer) - Handyman

Contracting Team runs a criminal background check and sex offender registy check on all its members.
Virtual no smaller companies conduct criminal background checks on their employes and from past experience, the majority of Contractors found on Craigslist have criminal records. We are concerned about the safety of our clients and can assure we have safe contractors on-board.
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